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We have the BEST Birthday Parties in all of Cleveland! Here's What Moms & Dads
are saying about our Birthday Parties...

Logans Mom:
"Great Experience! Friendly staff.

Janiyah and Muhtayvions Mom:
"We had a wonderful time with our usa skate experience.
Things can get hectic with four birthday kids but Stewart our host kept us organized.
Thanks Stewart! You Rock!"

Caidens Mom:
"It was a blast!!! The kids had fun and the time went by fast for the parents!

Amandas mom:
"Wonderful Service!"

Julias mom:
"Great party every year!!"

Alyssa's mom:
"Party coordinator did an excellent job taking care of everything!"


Abigail's Mom:  
"The girls had an awesome time. I would love to have another party here.
So easy!"

Chelsea's Mom:
"The first well-coordinated and fun birthday party and I did not have to do any work- thanks to our excellent host!"

Cameron's Mom:
"I will come again! EXCELLENT!"

Gina's Mom:
"Kids had a blast...everything was awesome. Thanks!!"

Jasmine's Mom:
"She did a great job making sure everything was taken care of and nothing was needed."

Jenna's Mom:
"Stewart was amazing, made Jenna's birthday awesome and our day as parents worry free!"

Zachary's Dad:  
"Host did a great job! Excellent worker. Keep up the good work."

Jadyn's Mom:
"He was very pleasant and cheerful. We all had a ball. Thanks!"

Rhatias Mom:
"It is great to come to a place that understands the value of customer service. Lovely Rhatia had a blast. Stewart was great. Thanks!"

Ja"nee's Mom:
"Jessica Rock! We had a blast. Thanks Jessica!!"

Dequan's Mom:
"Everything was great. Host did a great job helping with the party and employees were very friendly
and helplful. Thanks for a great day!"

Jaymyn's Mom:
"OMG! I had a fantastic birthday! Thank-you United Skates!"

Billy's Dad:
"Great Job!!"

Jared's Mom:  
"Beats the heck out of Chuckie Cheese."

Lavell's Party:
"Our host was excellent. Thank you Stewart, you were very helpful!"

Amina's Mom:
"Our host was excellent! Thank you Stewart! "

Adrianna's Mom:
"Thank you for making Adrianna's day amazing!"

Natalie's Mom:  
"Natalie said Steward was too nice!"

Phallon's Mom:
"Stewart was a great host, very accomodating-made the party fun!"

Dominic's Mom:
"Dom's best birthday party ever! Stewart was amazing.
Thanks so much and we will be back for sure! "

Trevon's Mom:
"He did an outstanding job. He was very helpful and nice. He was efficient, he deserves a raise, lol. Great Job."

Alex's Mom:
"Great Job!"

Janyjah's Mom:
"I love Nick. He is great!!! Great party host."

Jordan's Mom:
"Thanks for being so helpful, kind and allowing us to have a great time! Thanks a million!"

Lelie's Mom:
"The kids all had a great time and Jessica was awesome!"

Myron's Mom:
"Myron had a wonderful time and enjoyed his birthday!"

Tyler's Mom:
"We had the best time. We want to come more as a family."

Aurora's Mom:
"Great time for everyone."

Elizabeth's Mom:
"It was a blast! Vanessa was the best."

Makenna's Mom:  
"Stewart was very friendly and helpful. We really appreciated his hard work!"

Adam Aidiaz Jr's Mom:
"He's awesome, great experience."

Timothy's Mom:
"Good Party!"

David D'arcy's Mom:
"Kids and Parents had a great time!! Jessica is awesome!!"

Curtis Terry Jr's Mom:
"Our hostess was great."

"Great Party! Host really kept things moving along. All kids had a great time!"

Mykal's Mom:
"We had a wonderful experience at USA Skates for my son's 8th birthday party. The service was impeccable and our host Stewart was awesome."

Jasmine Tate's Mom:
"Party was a hit. We had a very good time and our host was fantastic. We will book another party here without any hesitation. Thanks again!"

Olivia's mom:  
"Everything was great! Nick was fantastic and he really did a great job helping out."

Zaraea's grandmother:
"Wonderful host- even adults enjoyed it!"

Mia's mom:
"Great party! This is our 2nd year in a row here, Mia is having a great time! "

Janea's mom:
"We had a great time, customer service was exceptional, friendliness, food, service ext... we'll come back again soon!"

Alyissa's mom:
"This was a great evening. The kids had a great time and our host was awesome! "

Naja's mom:
"Everything was great! our hostess took care of our every need. This was a birthday she will never forget!"

Trent's mom:
"Nick was a great host. We had a great time. The kids had a BLAST. Would highly recommend."

Camron's mom:
"Thank you Stewart!"

Lauren's mom
"Friendly staff, helpful will do it again"

Sheila's mom:
"Very thought out, Nick was great Thanks for everything!   p.s. the kids had fun too!!!"

Joey's mom:
"This was awsome and sooo easy!"

Tigran's mom:
"Kristan was very friendly and helpful. Joey had a great time! "

Nandi's mom:
"Love it"

Frankie's mom:
"It was very nice and our host was very nice "

Ashanti's mom:
"Stewart was an excellent host. The kids loved him and everything was timed perfectly"

Sarah's mom:
"Great party hostess"

Nick's mom:
"The party was great everybody had a great time"

Stefani's mom:
"The kids had a great time and Stewart was very friendly and attentive."

Darcie's mom:
"I really liked it. It's AWESOME!"

Alex's mom:
"We always have a wonderful time... especially with the birthday parties. the hostess was wonderful!!"

Zavier's mom:
"Stewart was very courteous in every way. Professional to a tee."

Autumn and Chelsea's moms:
"Stewart was very good.. job well done, thanks for everything."

Justin and Julia's mom:

Chanin's mom
"We had a great time!"

Clair's mom:
"Kristan was very helpful and timely with everything. I didn't have to worry about anything except watching the kids. Thanks"

Dylan's mom:
"Very Attentive, Thank you!"

Taylor's mom:
"We had a nice time."

Calel's mom:
"Nick was very friendly and helpful."

Aaron's mom:
"We had a wonderful time and Nick was a great host. Thank you so much"

Elijah's mom:
"Lasertag is a blast a must do for all!!!"

Trinity's mom:
"I am a very happy customer"

Sarah's mom:
"Everything was great and went by very smoothly"

Lindsay's dad:
"The party was great. This is the third party our family has had here. Our hostess Victoria was great!"

Kaitlyn's mom
"We had a great time!!!"

Laila and Miracle's mom:
"Nick did a great job keeping the children excited and keeping the event flowing, Thanks Nick"

Alana's mom:
"Best birthday party ever! U.S.A ROCKS!!!"

Samuel's mom:
"First time here and not out last. Service was excellent! Even though some of the kids was their first time skating they still had a blast!"

Haley's dad:
"Vanessa was the best hostess!"

Dalias mom:
"This was awsome and sooo easy!"

Lindsays dad:
"The party was great. This is the third our family has had here. Our hostess,victoria, was great!"

Maxwells mom:
"Our hostess was the Bomb! She was at my beck and call. AWESOME!"

Zoes mom:
"Kristan was outstanding! She made our party wonderful! Thank you"

Morgans mom:
"The kids had a great time. Kristan was very good with the kids. Thanks"

Nicks mom:
"The staff & Vanessa our hostess were very accomidating & so helpful & friendly with Nick & all the kids. Outstanding Job."

Alexis Birthday comment on her party!
"My birthday was very nice and I will always come back here to have more fun."

Jocelyns Mom:
"There is no box for OUTSTANDING! Nick did and awesome job!"

Olivias Mom:
"Everything was great! Nick was fantastic and he really did a great job helping out."

Johns Mom:
"Host did a great job! Keep up the good work!!"

Joeys mom;
"Very good time!"

Stevens Mom:
"Steven had a great time the hostess was awesome she made everything go smooth."

Kaylas mom
"Thank-you we had a great time."

Tiiasia Mom:
"They had a great time here as always."

Caymans mom:
"My child had a great time!"

Haleys mom:
"Couldn't have asked for a better hostess!"

Maias mom;
"Kids really enjoyed themselves everything was organized very well!

Zhanes mom:
"Great Service!"

Leon's Mom
"Kids really enjoyed themselves everything was organized very well!

"The girls said it was the best ever."

Kris & Randy McRoberts
"Our hostess was wonderful. She went out of her way to make everything extra special. She deserves a "Big" raise!!

Stacey Kirchner
"We had a lot of fun!!

"Kids had a great time." Thanks

"Outstanding Easy-Fun. "Nick was Great!"

Matt Senyes
" Vanessa was a pleasure to work with please keep her."

Aryreyanah Mother,
" The hostess that served my party was great."

Denise Richards
" Very helpful & great experience. Thanks!"

Ryan's Mom,
" Kristan is Awesome."

Micheal's mom,
" Micheal had a great time!"

" Everyone had a great time, They were all kept busy and I would do another party and I would other friends too."

Brandons mom
" 2nd year Brandon wanted his party here. Was able to sit back & let the hostess do all the work"

"Server was on top of everything. Entire staff was friendly and helpful

Kenya & Curtis Robertsm
"We had so much fun! Time just slipped by us. Thank-you United Skates of America & Kristan!!

Shonda Branch
"Lasertag was the best."

Sept. 10,2010
Kylene Harris: "Thanks for a wonderful time."

Sept. 11,2010
Eric's mother: "Everyone in the birthday party had a excellent time. the host was wonderful. Thanks for a memorable experience."

Chanel's mother: "Party was great. Kids had fun!! Will do it again."

Olivia's mother: "Nick was very attentive and helpful everyone enjoyed the party."

Mikaila's mother: "Fun for the whole family! Staff was excellent."
Sept. 19th, 2010
Nia's mother: "Nia had a great time! The hostess was great & very accomodating. We will definitely be back. Thanks!

Tara's mom: "Thank-you Kristan! We had a great time!!"
Sept. 18,2010

Sarayah's mom: "Being the first time having a party here Kristan & all us skates staff was very well organized & cooperative to what sarayah asked & needed. Thanks so much Kristan."


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